1Swap Stake or Lock

Staking or Locking

Swap fees
Penalty fees
Lockup period
min 90 days
1SWAP holders can decide to either stake or lock their 1SWAP for 90 days. Once locked, the user cannot withdraw his 1SWAP for 90 days. It is NOT possible to pay a penalty to withdraw locked 1SWAP early.
Vesting 1SWAP earns the same rewards as staked 1SWAP
There are 2 types of revenue streams > 1 in DAI and 1 in 1SWAP token Only users who decide to LOCK their 1SWAP will be able to earn from all 2 revenue streams! Revenue 1: Whenever a swap on 1SWAP DEX takes place, a 0.04% swap fee is charged. This swap fee is distributed as DAI revenue. Revenue 2: Earn 1SWAP tokens from the 50% early withdrawal penalty fee for 1SWAP/MOVR LP and the Stablecoin LP rewards
1SWAP lockers: earn Revenue 1 an 2
1SWAP stakers: earn Revenue 1 only

Rewards and Epochs

All rewards (penalty fee revenues and collected swap fees) will be evenly distributed within an epoch period.
1 epoch = 7 days
Example: if someone pays 5,000 1SWAP early exit penalty fee on the 3rd day of an epoch, then these 5,000 1SWAP tokens will be distributed during the last 4 days of that epoch.
Old 1Swap Staking